Thorlo Hiking Socks – Crew Review

Thorlo Hiking SocksFor many years now, I have had several pairs of Thorlo hiking socks.  They have been great and held up extremely well.   Because my socks were calf height, I decided to try out a crew height style.

The Competitor : Thorlo – LTHMXW Light Hiking Sock – Moderate Cushion.

These socks are designed for a flat or varied terrain in moderate to hot climates.  They also offer:

  • Moisture wicking with Thor•Lon® and Coolmax®.
  • Moderate cushioning on the ball and heel of the foot and light cushioning on the instep.
  • Ventilation Panel for even better wicking

When putting on a pair of Thorlo hiking socks, you immediately notice the difference.  These socks hug your feet while providing a great amount of cushion.  These crew socks were no different.  When I put them on, I knew that they were going to perform.

The Challenge:

We went to Providence Canyon State Park to try them out.  What a great day, it started out in the 50s, but by the time we started on the trail, it was up to the 60s with the highs expected in the upper 70s.  This would be a good day to try out their wicking capability.

We were on the trail, about three miles, for two to three hours.  We took our time.  The trail started out downhill and into the canyon mouth.  The socks didn’t bunch up or sag.  They held tight and stayed in place.  (Staying in place was one of my concerns.  I was wearing a hiking shoe and because these were crew socks, I didn’t want the sock to sag down into the heel of the shoe.)  We hiked around the bottom of the canyon, nice and flat.  The Thorlo hiking socks were performing admirably.  Then the hike out of the canyon, it was a steep what a great test for the socks ability to stay in place.  We hiked out of the canyon and around the rim.  No sock movement for the entire hike.

Conclusion:  Two Thumbs Up!

As with the other pairs of Thorlo hiking socks that I have had for years, these still get my vote as the best.

  • They stayed in place.
  • They had great cushioning
  • My feet were kept dry by the wicking ability
  • Overall 5 out of 5 stars.

What’s the Big Deal:

You may wonder why I get so excited about socks, but once you have tried a pair of Thorlos, you won’t wonder any more. It is true that Thorlo Hiking socks are more expensive, but they are worth every penny for comfort on the trail as well as their ability to last a long time.

To keep your Thorlos in top condition:

  • Thorlo Hiking Socks 2Launder your Thorlos after every time you wear them.
  • Turn them inside out for washing.  This helps “fluff” up the padding inside.
  • Use the warm or cold setting on your washer and wash with like colored items.
  • Do not use Chlorine bleach, this will breakdown the elastic.
  • Using liquid fabric softener in the wash will extend the life of the sock.
  • Do not line dry.
  • Before putting your clean socks away, make sure they are completely dry.
  • Do not pull on any strand of elastic that starts coming out of the sock.  Instead, clip it with a pair of scissors before washing.
  • When putting on your sock, start by putting your hands inside both sides of the sock grabbing down to the toe.   Do not pull your sock on from the top, this can put a lot of strain on the elastic.
  • Following these steps can greatly extend the life of your Thorlo hiking sock.

What a Great Warranty:

This manufacturer really stands behind their product.  Thorlo has a 30 day no risk warranty.  It states: “Thorlos feel better than your ‘ordinary socks’ or your money back.”  This is one of the best warranties out there.  If thorlo’s don’t feel better than the socks you were wearing, they will give you your money back.  They do ask that you return the sales receipt  along with the product.

Other Thorlo Hiking Socks:

Thorlo makes a wide variety of hiking socks. I have been impressed with every style that I have purchased, including; hiking and skiing socks. With their excellence to to quality as well as the no risk warranty, you can’t go wrong with Thorlo.

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