The National Historic Landmark Photo Contest Winners Announced

National Historic Landmark Photo Contest WinnerMatthew Bell of Lost Delta Photography in Olympia, Washington has won this year’s National Historic Landmark Photo Contest.  His Photograph, “Mount Rainier in the Morning” is described as,

“Under a sky of periwinkle blue and pastel pink, the bulk of Mount Rainer, with its gray face swathed in snow, slopes gently downward toward the lush meadow that occupies the middle-ground of the photograph. In the foreground, a waterfall’s ‘pale streams’, spectral and smoke-like, course down a wall of rock.”

The subject, Mount Ranier National Park, was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1997.

Director Johnathan Jarvis discussed the selection process, “When we look at the winning image, we see the natural world instead of one of the many historic buildings on the list of NHLs. Managed—not made—by humans, Mount Rainier National Park represents a landmark in conservation history. That said, the images that received honorable mentions—which feature structures, vessels, and other physical destinations that give evidence of human activity and fit our traditional idea of ‘historic’ sites—also dazzle us and keep us from forgetting our rich past. I commend the winners, judges, and administrators of the 2010 NHL Photo Contest, as well as all who participated.”

The contest, the 11th annual, saw a record of 500 entries.  Entries were submitted on Flickr through photo groups.  You can view the winning photograph as well as the twelve honorable mentions at: Flickr National Register Galleries.

The Secretary of the Interior designates the landmarks and the National Park Service manages them.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Source and Picture: National Park Service

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