Take a Date – Hiking

HeartsOkay, so the title is cryptic, but hear me out.  On this Valentine’s day, why not take your special someone hiking?   I doesn’t have to be a long and arduous hike, just something that you two can do together.

What I would suggest is a trail that has a dramatic ending, like a waterfall, overlook or just a spectacular view.  I know they are heavy, but because it is still cold outside, carry a thermos full of hot chocolate.  You can take a whole picnic and have a wonderful meal on the trail.

If there is still snow on the ground, make it a snowshoe adventure.  What if neither of you have ever been snowshoeing?  All the better, you can fall into the snow, tripping over your feet and laugh at the experience.

There is something about the outdoors that can bring two people closer together.  It’s all about sharing a special experience that helps bind us as human beings.  The beauty, silence and vastness of the surroundings creates an ambiance that cannot be duplicated in a restaurant.

So, get out there and get to know each other a little better and at the same time, enjoy nature.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day!

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