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Take a Date – Hiking

Okay, so the title is cryptic, but hear me out.  On this Valentine’s day, why not take your special someone hiking?   I doesn’t have to be a long and arduous hike, just something that you two can do together. What I would suggest is a trail that has a dramatic ending, like a waterfall, overlook […]


Hiking in the Winter

I love hiking in the winter. I know it’s cold, but no bugs, snakes, bees, poison ivy and no hot weather. I really enjoy the cooler temperatures. Here in Georgia, the summers get really hot. Once you place one foot on the trail, you are already breaking a sweat. Here is a great article from […]


Great Snowshoeing Tips

Have you ever wanted to snowshoe, but didn’t know how to start or you just want some snowshoeing tips before you go?  Snowshoeing can be intimidating to try.   To help you out, Angie Webb has written a great concise article. Tips for Your Snowshoeing Trip Tips for Your Snowshoeing Trip By Angie Webb Snowshoeing […]