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Hiking Alaska – St. Elias National Park

Okay, so last time I took you to Hawaii, for a wonderful hike up Mauna Kea.  Today, lets go to the other extreme in the US, to Alaska.  There is quite a lot of public land set aside for us to enjoy in Alaska.  Mount McKinley and Denali national park come to mind.  But, there […]


Denali National Park – Alaska

Denali National Park was established as the first national park to conserve wildlife in 1917.  It contains the tallest mountain in North America, Mount McKinley.  I have visited Alaska, but never ventured far enough north to reach Denali.  I can’t believe what I missed.  I will make sure to plan another trip to the great white […]


Zion National Park – Hikes

I have visited Zion National Park one time.  Like most of my visits to national parks, it was not long enough.  What I did see was spectacular and breathtaking.  We stayed in the valley and were dwarfed by the cliff walls.  It is located in Southern Utah and was it’s first national park. Below is […]