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Getting Lost Hiking

I think that most hikers have a sense of bravado and really don’t worry about getting lost.  But, the simple fact of the matter is that it can be very easy to get lost.  People go hiking in areas where they have never been before and thus do not know the terrain, weather or landmarks.  […]


Magnetic Declination and Using a Compass

What do you do when your GPS dies?  Hopefully, like the Boy Scout Motto, you are prepared for this situation with a map and compass.  One major concern with reading the compass is calculating the difference between magnetic north and true north.  Guest writer Ken Walker has created a great article discussing how to make […]


GPS Geocache Hunting

Have you heard the term Geocaching and wondered what it was?  In the simplest terms; a person hides a box in the woods somewhere and records the coordinates of it and then posts those coordinates on the internet for other people to hunt and find the box.  This is GPS Geocache Hunting.  It’s a high […]