St. Edwards Park – Hill and Creek Trail

St Edwards Park - Beginning of TrailSt. Edwards Park – Hill Trail / Creek Trail  – Austin, Texas

Trail: Hill Trail / Creek Trail

Directions: From Highway 360, North of Austin, take Spicewood Springs Road West.  Go for about two miles and there is a small parking area for a few cars parallel to the road or what I prefer is an actual parking lot on the left just past the smaller area.

General Information:

Terrain: The two different trails have completely different terrain.  The Bull Creek trail is flat and mostly soft soil.  The Hill Trail is rocky and is steep in locations.

St Edwards Park - Bull CreekDistance: Round trip about 2 miles.

Family Oriented: Because the creek trail is flat, it is easy for kids.  The hill trail is great for kids who like to climb up rocks.

Dogs Allowed: Yes, must be on a leash.

Hours: Open all year round.

Fees: Free

About: These trails are in the hill area of Austin.  The creek trail follows along the Bull Creek.  The Hill trail has about a 300 foot elevation rise and has some wonderful views.  There are many “cut through” trails that can get you off of the main trail.  The creek has some great cliff faces surrounding it.

St Edwards Park - Blue FlowerThe Hike: I started this hike in the early morning during early April.  The forecast called for 90 degree weather in the afternoon.  When I started on the trail, it was around 73 degrees.  The trail head is right there at the southern part of the parking lot.  The trail meanders by a large stand of cacti.  Because of the time of year, there were flowers intermixed with the other plants.

I followed the trail to the left at the fork.  If you stay straight, you start at the creek side of the trail.  I wanted to start on the hill top part of the trail.  I reached Bull Creek very quickly and crossed it at a stepping stone location.

The trail immediately starts its uphill ascent.  The trail became rocky.  Beautiful views opened up after every bend in the trail until we started heading away from the creek.  The noise from the cars on Spicewood Springs Road began to disappear.  There were birds singing during the entire hike.

Climbing to the top of the hill trail, it then started back down to the creek side trail.  There was a very steep rocky area to traverse down.  If you have kids that like to climb, they will love this area.

St Edwards Park - FlowerThe trail then crosses the creek again with stepping stones and logs.  Both creek crossings are easy.  The creek trail follows right alongside it.  Where it meanders away from the creek, there are feeder trails that you can take to get to the shore.

There were frogs chirping as well as one lonely bullfrog croaking.  Because of the time of year, there was a large variety of flowers in bloom.

The trail was not very busy, although it was an early Friday morning.  I could see where this trail could get crowded on the weekends.

Hoping you next hike is Relaxing, Safe and Inspiring,


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