Great Snowshoeing Tips

Snowshoeing TipsHave you ever wanted to snowshoe, but didn’t know how to start or you just want some snowshoeing tips before you go?  Snowshoeing can be intimidating to try.   To help you out, Angie Webb has written a great concise article.
Tips for Your Snowshoeing Trip

Tips for Your Snowshoeing Trip

By Angie Webb

Snowshoeing is a great alternative to those that want to remain active during the cold winter months. If you enjoy hiking during the warmer months, then snowshoeing will allow you to still be out in the mountains. Snowshoes are important for winter hiking because they keep your feet from sinking into the snow with every step. When you are hiking with snowshoes you are actually walking on top of the snow. Its amazing and it allows you to walk just about anywhere. It is always a great form of exercise and allows you to burn some extra calories.

Before you head out on your first snowshoeing trip it is important to be prepared. The following tips will help you have a successful trip.

1. Is there snow? You will want to make sure that there is enough snow to go snowshoeing on. Sometimes in the mountains, because of the trees, there might not be as much snow on the trail. So just because you get a bunch of snow at your house, there might not be as much on the trail you want to hike on. Check the snow levels before you go.

2. Start small. The first time you go snowshoeing choose an easy trail. This will allow you to get used to walking in your snowshoes.

3. Walk normal. Just walk slowly and take small steps. Lift your feet up and walk like you normally do.

4. Do not step on the tail. Your snowshoes have tails on them. If you step on the tail of the forward shoe you could end up falling in the snow. Avoid doing this by walking with your shoes parallel to each other.

5. Don’t look down and don’t walk backwards. The best way to avoid falling is to look ahead of you while you walk. Look at where you are going rather than down at your feet. Also, you will fall if you try walking backwards. The back of your shoe will stick into the snow. Walk in a small circle to turn around instead.

6. Invest in some poles. Having a set of hiking poles will help you to keep your balance, break when you are going downhill and give your upper body a good workout.

Get out of the house this winter and hit the trails with your snowshoes. Its a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get a good workout and see how beautiful the world looks when its covered in snow. Snowshoeing is a fun activity to enjoy with friends as well. Its a low impact activity, so many different people can participate.

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Angie Webb

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I can’t wait to strap on a great pair of Snowshoes and try my hand at this great sport.  I love to hike and snowshoeing just extends my time on the trails.  I am not going to let a little snow keep me from enjoying the great outdoors.

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