Mystic Falls Trail – Yellowstone National Park

Mystic Falls Hiking Trail - Yellowstone National Park - FallsYellowstone National Park – Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park is located in the northwestern part of Wyoming. Probably best know for it’s concentration of hydrothermal features and abundant wildlife. But, Yellowstone has other beautiful features. It has canyons, lakes, mountains and waterfalls. It was the very first National Park.

Trail: Mystic Falls Trail at Biscuit Basin


There are a total of four entrances to Yellowstone:

  • South: Enter the South entrance on US 191/89/287, traveling North from Grand Teton National Park and Jackson, Wyoming
  • East: Enter the East entrance on US 14/16/20, traveling West from Cody, Wyoming
  • North: Enter the North entrance on US 89, traveling South from Livingston, Montana
  • West: Enter the West entrance on US 20, traveling East from West Yellowstone, Montana

The North entrance is the only one open all year round to wheeled traffic.

General Information:

Distance: 2.4 miles (4 km) roundtrip

Family Oriented: Yes, in fact we had four children and five adults on our hike.

Dogs Allowed: Not allowed on any trail.

Fees: There are park entrance fees. Here is the Yellowstone National Park Fee Schedule.

Mystic Falls - Sapphire Pool - Yellowstone National Park - HikingAbout: To get to the trail head you park at the Biscuit Basin parking lot (two miles north of Old Faithful Junction). Go to the boardwalk. The beginning of the trail is past Avoca Spring. The hike to the falls is a gradual incline. It follows a beautiful creek through a mixed conifer forest. The falls are 70 feet high and are part of the Little Firehole River. After visiting the falls, you can take a hike up switchbacks to an overlook of the Upper Geyser Basin. This is a more strenuous hike.

The Biscuit Basin area was recently renovated. Asphalt was removed, an observation deck was increased, boardwalk was replaced and a new connection to the Mystic Falls trail was added. In all, 2,400 feet of trail was built or replaced.

The Hike: When we arrived, the parking lot was crowded, but not full. The kids had fun at the river’s edge. We crossed the bridge and went onto the boardwalk. We viewed all of the Hydrothermal features. Passing by the Sapphire Pool and other unique features.

Mystic Falls - Yellowstone National Park - Hiking - FlowerOnto the trail, traveling through some trees. The trail was nice and wide and well maintained. It was busy, but not crowded. It was July, but the park itself was not overcrowded for this time of year.

The trail meanders on to the falls.  There were beautiful bouquets of wildflowers all along the trail.  It was later in the day, so the sun was over the falls. The water was rushing and boisterous.

After a long stay at the falls, we headed back to the parking lot, opting out of the hike to the overlook.

It is was a very nice hike to get away from the crowds of the park. It was amazing that just going past the popular areas, we were able to enjoy Yellowstone’s more natural side. It was a nice hike and short enough for all ages to be inspired without getting worn out.


The ground can be very thin in the thermal areas. STAY ON THE TRAIL.Mystic Falls - Yellowstone National Park - Hiking - Hillside

Wildlife is just that, wild, always stay at least 100 yards away from bears and wolves and 25 yards from any other animal.

This is Bear country, be aware of all the precautions when hiking in this area.

Make sure you have plenty of water.

This area is above 7,000 feet elevation. If you are a low-lander like me, know that you may get out of breath a lot easier. Don’t push yourself. A nice even pace is best.

The weather can change quickly, be prepared with the appropriate gear.

All overnight camping in the back country requires permits.

Hoping your next hike is Relaxing, Safe and Inspiring,


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