Inflatable Tent?

Okay, I have seen a lot of different styles of tents over the years, but I don’t know if I am convinced that an inflatable tent can stand up to the elements as well as one with metal poles.  But, rather I think they are great or not, doesn’t matter, they are selling.  Adam Renshaw has worked with these tents and thinks that they are great.  Here is his article:
Blow Your Tent Up!


Blow Your Tent Up!

By Adam Renshaw

So here they are, the all new for 2011 Vango Airbeam inflatable tents that have been in development for 12 years!

I work in the Outdoor Leisure Trade and like most had my reservations about these new introductions for 2011. However I have now seen these in the flesh so to speak at the recent Boat and Caravan Show at the Birmingham NEC and have had all my reservations wiped away. I have erected 100s of tents at exhibitions over the last few years in all weather conditions from torrential rain to gales, but with the utmost confidence I can say these were seriously impressive and I firmly believe that the development period is justified and that they will cope and moreover resist any weather or incident thrown there way by mother nature.

I have read comments posted by people on forums as far fetched as, “What if a bird with sharp claws land on these, will it puncture?”, “What if in the middle of a night a storm causes it to puncture?” This however did prompt a rather comedic response from another user of “What ever a storm can throw at your tent in the night to puncture it, that it may be more likely to slice through and kill you!”

I can safely say that after looking at and playing about with these tents for the last week, that would not happen.

The inner tubes are encased within a nylon sleeve which also sits inside a tough durable outer which would take some considerable pressure even with a pin to cause any sort of penetration.

Not only are the specifications of these tents befitting any technical tent they will more than cope with the weather that Britain throws at us while we enjoy or maybe on occasion endure our camping holidays.

I my self am contemplating getting out my wallet dusting off the cobwebs and finally buying a new tent. These for me represent a new era and will have several impacts on my camping preparation.

1. These take up less space in the boot or roof box.

2. The weight is considerably less with the absence of poles.

3. Set up and take down time are dramatically reduced as shown in recent videos.

4. The pump provided can be used to pump up my luxurious airbed too.

So, in my opinion inflatable tents have just took a giant leap forward

So as Vango say, “Let them take your breath away.”

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Well, I need to go by our local outdoor shop and see if they have any inflatable tents on the showroom floor.  I would really like to see one of these in person.  They sound fascinating!


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