Selecting and Hiding Geocaching Containers

You can’t deny it; you’ve caught the geocaching bug.  You have hunted down and traded quite a bit of swag and now you want to start hide your own geocaching containers. So, what do you need to do in order to have a successful cache stash?

Geocaching Containers:

I am sure you know, but Geocaching Containers are not your run of the mill box.  Containers must be watertight and also keep the bugs out.  There are many sizes and styles to choose from.

Before hiding your container, it must have the following information on it:

  • “Geocache” must be written on the outside.
  • A Cache name (this is a unique name to help identify each individual cache)
  • Owner name/ geocaching username
  • Your Email address

If this information is not located on the container, they may be mis-identified as a dangerous object.

Loading it up:

Filling up your geocaching containers is great fun.  Your container should have at least the following:

  • A log book.  This can be a simple small sized notebook.  Place the log inside a resealable baggie so that it won’t get wet if the box is not closed properly.
  • If your container is large enough, a pen or pencil.
  • Swag: (the bounty) Swag can be simple items, small trinkets.  Maybe themed items of some hobby or local team.  They don’t have to be expensive.  Erasers, toy cars, small toys, action figures, playing cards, the deed to your house.  Use your imagination here.
  • Some geocachers add traceable items like geocache coins or travel bugs.
  • Lastly, put in one special item for the First To Find (FTF) to retrieve.

Planning:  (Fail to Plan then Plan to Fail)

Just like any great endeavor, you need a plan.

  • Start by researching your desired cache hiding location.  A lot of people’s locations are important to them.  It could be a special location to you, maybe a favorite spot that you like to hike.
  • After you select your cache location, contact the land owner or manager and verify that you can place the cache on their land.  If you are placing it on private land, you must have the land owner’s permission before hiding it.  If the hiding spot is on public lands, you need to contact the land manager to find out all the regulations and rules for geocaching.  Geocache registration is required in some parks.   Just know that hiding a cache on any lands owned by the National Park Service is against Federal law.
  • Make sure the hidden location is just that, hidden.  If it is visible from a road or trail, then you may have a large amount of unwanted or unknowing guests.  Make sure that it is out of sight from the muggles.
  • Stay clear of any historical or archeological site.
  • Your cache should not be misconstrued as a dangerous device.  Again, the location will determine if someone finds it, will they think it is a threat.
  • Make sure that you place your geocaching containers in a location that can hold up to traffic.  Don’t put it in an area that will become easily damaged from other geocachers.
  • You cache should not be in an area where people can look out their windows and see geocachers hunting through the underbrush.  They might be construed as a threat.
  • Remember that you are the one that must maintain your caches, so they should be placed in an area that you can easily get to.  If you live in Florida, don’t hide a cache in North Dakota while you are on vacation.
  • Most of all use your common sense.

Hiding Your Container:

Now that you have all of your permissions and you have your geocaching container ready for hiding.  Get out there and complete the task.   Write down the coordinates of the geocache in the logbook and with a permanent marker on the container.

When you get back home, upload your information to  Give any additional information about finding the cache that would be beneficial, like length of hike, wheelchair access, dogs allowed, etc.

Then go and select more locations for hiding more geocaching containers.
Follow this link if you want a new GPS for Hiking, but don’t know where to start?
“The game is afoot. “ ~ Sherlock Holmes

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