Flying to Your Hiking Trail – Tips

It seems like every few months the flight restrictions change.  So, if you are flying to your hiking locations, here are some tips to keep in mind:

A few suggestions that I can add:

If you are in a line with a full body scanner and you are not opting out of the scan:

  • Put your wallet, keys and any other items of value in your suitcase before going through the line.
  • Take off your belt
  • Empty all of your pockets of all items.  This includes paper and coins.
  • Take off all jackets, sweaters and any other second layer of clothing.
  • Your laptop must be in it’s own bin, by itself.

If you are planning on opting out, make sure (if you are a female) to wear pants or slacks and not a dress or skirt.

For more information on the new regulations for flying and especially for going through security, here is the TSA website.

So, know ahead of time what to expect and it will speed up the security process.

Safe Travels, Russell

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