Good Water Hiking Trail – Crockett Garden and Falls Section

Crockett Gardens and Falls - LimestoneTrail: Good Water Hiking Trail – Crockett Garden and Falls Section

Directions: From downtown Austin, take I-35 North to exit 261A.  Exit and turn left onto TX-29 for 1.2 miles.  Turn right onto D.B. Wood Rd/CR-551/CR-901 and go for 1.9 miles.  Then turn left onto D B. Wood Rd/CR-551/CR-901 for 1.4 miles.  Turn left onto Cedar Breaks Road and go 0.1 miles to Gate Access.  After going through the gate, turn left into the parking lot.

General Information:

Terrain: This is an easy to moderate trail with slight elevation changes.

Distance: Approximately 5 miles.  It is an out and back trail.  Starts and ends at the parking lot.

Crockett Gardens and Falls - CactusFamily Oriented: The trail is good for children older than 8.  The trail is rocky and there are some cliff overlooks, so be wary of your child’s location.

Dogs Allowed: Yes, must be on a leash.

Hiking Fees: No fee for hiking the trail.  There are fees for boating, picnicking or camping.

About: This is not the entire Good Water hiking trail, it is only from the parking area to the Crockett Garden and Falls spur.  The Good Water hiking trail makes a loop around the entire Georgetown Lake.

The trailhead is at the parking area.  It starts out wide and laid with crushed stone.  The trail is lined with cedars which provide great shade.  After a half mile, the gravel gives way to pitted limestone rocks.  The trail is rocky for a good portion of it.  There is a rocky ravine where the trail turns into two quick switchbacks as you climb out.  After the ravine, the trail returns to cedar lined limestone rocks until reaching about the one mile mark.  At this point, the trail opens up to views of Georgetown Lake.  It turns and follows just above the shoreline.  The path also becomes more dirt and less rocky.  After rising up, cedar trees return and there are spectacular overlooks.  Some of these overlooks are as high Crockett Gardens and Falls - Spideras 100 foot cliffs to the water below.  The view is amazing, looking across the lake.  You then pass by some old fencing and back away from the lake.  There are grass clearings as well as more cedar groves.  It then moves down to a small stream that is easily crossed and back up to an old homestead site.  The homestead has old cedar fencing and some walls from multiple buildings.

At this point, there is a large sign pointing to the right for the Falls.  Follow this trail down to a stream that you must fjord.  Head back up the other side to an old road bed.  Follow the roadbed  until it ends in the water.  Continue onto the falls.

The Hike: My daughter and I started out early in the morning.  It was early October and the temperature was to get into the upper 80s during the day.  When we arrived at the trailhead, it was about 9:15 and still rather cool.  There was a light breeze and very comfortable.  The humidity was low and the sky a deep blue.  It was the perfect day for hiking.

Once on the trail, the crushed rock was a welcome sight to make our journey comfortable.  Then we got to the rocky part.  The rocks were amazing in their character.  The limestone was well pitted and it looked like coral.  We were careful to place our steps so that we wouldn’t twist our ankles.

Crockett Gardens and Falls - FenceWhen we arrived at the turn where the trail follows the lakeshore, the sun shone across the lake.  There were some Bass boats out traveling to their favorite fishing spot.  We passed by a stone marker that was, before the lake was formed, a path for travelers to the North Fork San Gabriel River.

The path along the shoreline was almost overgrown.  It was more sand and dirt, but the grass and plants were growing into the trail.  My daughter even questioned if we had lost the trail.

We continued back up to the beautiful overlooks.  The views were wonderful.  The blue sky with the water was stunning.

Crockett Gardens and Falls - Dragonfly2On further, the Cedar woods continued to give us shade with the canopy opening up occasionally.  At these locations, we did notice that the temperature was rising.  We crossed a small stream and stopped to look at a beautiful garden spider.  Moving over the rise, we saw the old homestead site.  It was neat to see the old fence, still standing in locations.  There were partial walls of the other buildings as well.  We moved through the area and onto the sign for the falls.

The trail then went down to a small stream that we had to cross.  Moving to the other side and then back up to the old road and then down to the falls.

Because of the late time in the day and the heat, we hiked back out at a quicker pace.  Overall a beautiful hike.  The Cedar trees, the overlooks, homestead and the falls.  A lot of  varieties of things and all of them interesting.


  • The trail is rather busy on the weekends.
  • It is a rocky trail in spots.  If you have weak ankles, make sure you have supportive boots.
  • There are overlooks with no protection.  Keep an eye on kids and pets.

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Hoping your next hike is Relaxing, Safe and Inspiring,


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