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Keep a Journal when Hiking or Backpacking

Do you remember your first hiking, camping or backpacking experience?  How well do you recall the details?  What trail did you hike?  How many days did you stay?  What was the weather like?  Who was there with you?  If you had kept a journal, then a lot of these facts would be available anytime you […]


Getting Lost Hiking

I think that most hikers have a sense of bravado and really don’t worry about getting lost.  But, the simple fact of the matter is that it can be very easy to get lost.  People go hiking in areas where they have never been before and thus do not know the terrain, weather or landmarks.  […]


Highest Mountains On Earth

Today, I figured we would divert our attention from hiking, but stay with the general them of mountains.  So, what are the highest mountains on earth?  Well, David J.R. another great guest writer has the answer.  I am sure everyone knows the number one answer, but what about the next nine?  Here is the list: […]