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Hiking Hats – What Options to Look For

Let me tell you about what I learned about hiking hats.  In 2007, I went on an 18 mile day hike.  I had put on my sunscreen, but all I had on was a baseball cap.  I thought I was covered, I was wrong.  When I finished the hike, even with the sunscreen, the back […]


Hiking Clothes – Layering

Layering your hiking clothes is extremely important for both your safety and comfort.  When planning your hike, consider the range of temperatures that you will be traveling through.  Rain, snow, wind or other weather conditions should also be taken into account. Layers: (“I am like an onion, I have multiple layers”, Shrek) On any hike […]


Sunblock Clothing for Hiking

Every hiker should consider sunblock clothing in addition to sunscreen.  The sun emits harmful rays that can damage and harm your skin.  Sunscreen can help, but sunblock clothing designed for hiking can add to that protection. What is Sun Protective Clothing? (Help me, I’m melting) Sunblock clothing that is considered “sun protective” will have an […]