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How To Select the Best Hiking Boots

Why go to a lot of trouble selecting the best hiking boots? Because they are your feet, yes your feet. If you are going hiking, that means a lot of steps. Probably the most important part of your body to keep healthy during a hike is your feet. If you can’t walk, you can’t get […]


Thorlo Hiking Socks – Crew Review

For many years now, I have had several pairs of Thorlo hiking socks.  They have been great and held up extremely well.   Because my socks were calf height, I decided to try out a crew height style. The Competitor : Thorlo – LTHMXW Light Hiking Sock – Moderate Cushion. These socks are designed for a […]


Green Hiking

Are there ways that we can help the environment and attain green hiking status?  We have all been told to recycle, reuse and reduce our carbon footprint, but what about our outdoor activities like hiking?  What are some of the steps we can take to have a smaller negative affect on our environment? Green Hiking […]