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Highest Mountains On Earth

Today, I figured we would divert our attention from hiking, but stay with the general them of mountains.  So, what are the highest mountains on earth?  Well, David J.R. another great guest writer has the answer.  I am sure everyone knows the number one answer, but what about the next nine?  Here is the list: […]


Inflatable Tent?

Okay, I have seen a lot of different styles of tents over the years, but I don’t know if I am convinced that an inflatable tent can stand up to the elements as well as one with metal poles.  But, rather I think they are great or not, doesn’t matter, they are selling.  Adam Renshaw […]


McIntosh Reserve Park – Whitesburg, Georgia

McIntosh Reserve Park – Whitesburg, Carroll County, Georgia Trail: River Trail and Beaver Pond Trail Directions: Take Interstate 20 West from Atlanta.  Take Exit 34, Georgia Highway 5 and Turn Left.  Go back over I-20 and continue south to Whitesburg (about 23 miles).  Go through the round about in Whitesburg, staying on Highway 5 South […]