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150 Year Anniversary of Civil War

Okay, so this is a little outside the realm of hiking, but that far out.  I live near Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.  This is where some of the major battles of the Civil War took place.  It is an amazing park.  It has many hiking trails throughout it’s boundaries. Well, back to the Anniversary.  […]


Bear Hibernation Study

While listening to National Public Radio on the way into work yesterday, I heard a wonderful study on bears.  The basis for the study was hibernation.  They wanted to be able to monitor bears as they went into, stayed and came out of the hibernation process. This study was conducted at the University of Alaska, […]


Take a Date – Hiking

Okay, so the title is cryptic, but hear me out.  On this Valentine’s day, why not take your special someone hiking?   I doesn’t have to be a long and arduous hike, just something that you two can do together. What I would suggest is a trail that has a dramatic ending, like a waterfall, overlook […]