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Essential Day Hike List

Here is my essential day hike list for the beginning hiker.  Because of my busy schedule, day hikes are all I can fit in right now.  They are also the easiest to plan.  In addition, the amount of gear necessary for a successful hike is limited.  Because day hikes are so varied, from 1 mile […]


River Raisin National Battlefield in Monroe, Michigan

The National Park Service is always setting aside natural areas for the public to enjoy.  Just this past week, the Department of the Interior announced another park available for us to enjoy. Last Friday, the 393rd park in the National Park System, the River Raisin National Battlefield Park in Monroe, Michigan, was officially announced.  The […]


Africanized Honeybees have arrived in Georgia

It was confirmed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs this week that the bees that killed a man in Dougherty Georgia where, in fact, Africanized Honeybees.  The man was clearing his yard of brush with a bulldozer, when he disturbed their nest and received over 100 bee stings.  Georgia’s current Agriculture Commissioner, […]