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Hiking With Kids

This may seem like a strange article to write by many people out there.  They use to hike all the time before they had children.  When their children came along, they thought that their hiking days were over.  But, I am here to tell you, with a bit of planning and foresight, you can create […]


Choosing Hiking Hydration Packs

Hydration packs have been around for quite a while.  They started among motocross riders and mountain bikers, but their popularity spread as soon as it was shown that athletes that used these devices performed better and stayed better hydrated than their counterparts.  Hiking hydration packs have the added advantage being situated inside your backpack that […]


How to Choose the Right Lightweight Binoculars

One item that is most of the time left out of your backpack is a set of binoculars.  But, what if you are going hiking in an area known for bird watching or other wildlife?  I am here to tell you that a good pair of lightweight binoculars will improve the experience.  The binoculars can […]