150 Year Anniversary of Civil War

Civil War CannonOkay, so this is a little outside the realm of hiking, but that far out.  I live near Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park.  This is where some of the major battles of the Civil War took place.  It is an amazing park.  It has many hiking trails throughout it’s boundaries.

Well, back to the Anniversary.  The National Park Service has a lot of events this year.  They are working on a new website that will debut in April.  You can view their calendar HERE.

I have hiked Kennesaw Mountain many times.  As a child, our class went there and viewed their video and listened to different speakers talk about the history of the location.  In addition, the park turns back into the battlefield once a year with a reenactment.

In this modern fast paced world, it is good to get back and look at some of the struggles our great nation went through to get us to where we are today.

Sources: National Park Service

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